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Taverna “Laberia”a family-run restaurant with a warm and cozy atmosphere and friendly staff. Best known for our big portions and cheap prices we have a variety of foods from meat products, fresh seafood, salads , pasta, soups etc. It is Vegan/Vegetarian friendly. Since 2016 we have been serving people from all around the world our special food.

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grilled meat

chicken and potatoes

Loved by Many

The food was amazing, the food was very cheap, and they gave us free greek yoghurt along with raki shots, amazing food and service!
Cozy, very friendly and above all very good quality food, I recommend it to all tourists like me who want to eat well and quiet. First restaurant I found the pasta cooked well! (No overcooked)
Paolo C
Homemade meals, very friendly service and you can come in with your pet 😉 came by to see the menu, stayed for the supper.